Ice dams have set back people by thousands of dollars. The ridge of ice that forms when the warm air from inside the house, makes the snow on the roof top melt and come down along the edge of the room, causing a lot of inconvenience and damage to things inside your home. The snow can also cause clogging of the gutters and drains. The water seeps into the home below the shingles, causing lot of damage to the room and the vital interiors of the home like the flooring, the carpets, the walls, the ceilings etc. However, there are quite a few things that you can do to protect your home from the harm caused by snow and ice

In case, your house is prone to ice dams, the best thing to do is to take immediate action. It has been seen that in the early spring, there are a lot of homeowner insurance claims put forth by home owners due to the hazards caused by ice dams. A good amount of prevention in the warmer months can go a long way in helping things move out of control during the cooler months.
For one, it is important to keep all the gutter and downspouts clear and free from clogging. You should remove the debris, mud and sticks that clog the drains and gutters. During the winter, proactively check the condition regularly and remove any traces of snow or ice that accumulates.

The best way to protect against ice dams is to thwart snowmelt by making the roof cooler. This can be done by insulating the floor of the attic and the area below the roof, and by closing all crevices from where hot air from the interiors can move up the attic. Also look out for entry points inside the home. You can call up a contractor to find out these entry points and take actions to ensure that there is enough waterproof barrier.

In the onset of winter, you will still find many ways to prevent an ice dam and to reduce the effects that have already started. So, once there is a snowfall, you can keep the snow away with the help of a snow rake. You can take a push broom or a roof rake and prevent accumulating snow. It is recommended not to climb on the roof because there is a risk of serious injury if things go wrong and you slip over the watery ice. You need to be careful about the electrical wiring as well.
If you find that the water is seeping into the house, bring it to the notice of a professional contractor immediately. Also, make sure that you can catch water that is dripping by placing a bucker under the leak. All in all, it is better to leave this kind of work at the hands of a professional.

Updated: November 17, 2011 — 3:49 pm
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